Samantha is committed to supporting individuals and families with quality Naturopathic medical care to establish sustainable health, wellbeing and vitality.

Evolving reproductive and Pediatric healthcare

reclaiming fertility, birth, menstruation and Menopause.

Deepening soul-nature connection

REDEFINING family centered healthcare

addressing personal and intergenerational emotional dis-ease

supporting empowered parenthood

Moving towards health care congruent with environmental sustainability.


My vision

Hello! Thank you for joining me on this long, strange and beautiful journey. I am Samantha. A daughter, sister, Auntie, and Friend. I am, above all, Woman. And so completely and profoundly proud of and excited about that.

I am currently a Birth and Pregnancy Loss Doula, based out of the Seattle, Washington area. I have had the honor of attending births that have all unfolded in unique ways and through that have learned profound lessons about my personal and radical beliefs and philosophies around Birth. I support all Women in their birthing journeys but I feel very strongly about reclaiming total autonomy in Birth and dismantling the paradigm of medicalized pregnancy and birth. It is my deepest belief that giving birth is the most transformative thing a Woman can do, and within this current model of fear and perpetual birth harm, we are taking away a Woman’s power as she does the most transformative thing for herself and for humanity. That being said, I offer myself as a doula for Women birthing in hospitals, birth centers, at home and in unassisted Free and Wild births. Birthing in power is a Woman’s birth rite. I have learned some of the most meaningful lessons of my life at the feet of laboring Women, and I am, always, without a doubt, humbled and in awe at the Power of Woman and Womb. I am equally as passionate about offering my support and presence for Women experiencing the grief and complex process of pregnancy loss.

I am, also, a student of much much more. I am currently working towards my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University, which has proven to be a labor and birthing process all on its own. I am in my 4th of 5 years and refining the topics and modalities where I want to focus most of my efforts and intentions. I am most obviously concerned with Women’s Health and Gynecology as well as Pediatrics; but in a completely different paradigm than what I, and most health care providers, are schooled in. I see myself being birthed into a far more Radical Woman than even I expected. (Watch out world!)

I see such power in honoring the transitions and blood rites of Womanhood including Puberty, Conception, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Menopause; and I recognize the deep black holes in Women’s health care when it comes to supporting, normalizing, and celebrating these thresholds in a way that incorporates embodiment, pleasure, power and connection. I also see a black hole in health care when it comes to exploring the trauma, darkness, grief and loss that often accompanies or precedes these thresholds. Adolescent shame and mental health problems, infertility, miscarriage, abortion, birth trauma, postpartum depression/ dis-ease, menopausal isolation and grief; not to mention the pleathora of reproductive diseases that manifest when root problems and core wounds are not addressed.

These transitions of Womanhood are massive and sacred, Rites of Passage, yet nobody is talking about them. There is a birth and a death in each of these stages. A newness to celebrate and a loss to grieve.

I am very passionate about addressing these deep and complex experiences in an informed way that addresses underlying trauma. I am particularly interested in working with individuals who experience infertility, miscarriage and postpartum dis-ease in the framework of trauma informed care. I believe we all experience traumas throughout our lives, and gone un-witnessed, can have profound manifestations in our physical and spiritual bodies.

There is so much support I believe I can offer in these realms with the many modalities of Natural Medicine I am deepening my understanding in. I am particularly interested in using my hands to facilitate movement and healing, using techniques like Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Womb and Abdominal work and other Pelvic floor therapies. Holistic counseling, Internal family systems therapy, Constellation therapy, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, vitalistic herbalism, ritual and ceremony, Earth connection and garden therapy are all modes of healing I feel very passionate about using in my future practice.

My early environmentalist tendencies evolved into a deep passion and call to connect with Nature and to cultivate a relationship that heals not only myself and my community but simultaneously heals the land. This has led me into a deep Earth Based Spiritual practice, a minimalistic and waste free lifestyle, a fierce vision of a future homestead, and as of this year, to become a student of Permaculture and Holistic Landscape design.

I envision birthing The Wild Edges of Healing as a sustainable homestead that is also sacred space for Women and families to gather and find healing in community, connection to the land and the sacred Therapeutic alliance between Patient and Physician. To find support in their fertility journey, guidance in healing birth and other womb based traumas, support in navigating menopause, a safe space to grieve and initiate apprenticeships with the underworld, a place to bleed, to explore the righteousness of Free and Wild Birth. And while these areas are my deepest passions, I also have a deep connection to Children and want to serve the pediatric population that is inextricably bound to the Women I long to serve and support.

I strongly believe that healing needs to be viewed in the context of the whole, including communities and the environment. I believe that Earth is the ultimate Womb and that the vital energy that animates all life forms is the same vital energy that moves through us and wants us, as individuals, communities and landscapes to be healed- ultimately- to be whole. If we are not working to rejuvenate and revitalize entire systems, we are not going deep enough in our healing journeys. This is why I am very dedicated to integrating permaculture and Earth regenerating therapies in my future as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Because I am so passionate about Birth and holding space for this arrival, I also have a deep calling to hold space for the final departure. Death and Birth, to me, are the same point, on the same circle. The double doorway, the mouth and the tail of the ouroburus. We cannot explore one without exploring the other. Although I haven’t found clear direction on how to incorporate end of life care into my vision, I know that this is also a deep calling I will someday have the honor of responding to. For now, I am exploring the energy of death and decay in other archetypal ways. One way I am rooting into this is by offering myself as a doula for Women who experience miscarriage or stillbirth, a rite of passage all on its own.

How can we cultivate wholeness through these transitions, initiations, thresholds and all the wild edges of the human experience in a way that is truly sustainable and passed down through generations? To live from, with and for the land, to simultaneously descend our roots and ascend our branches, to heal individually and ancestrally in the context of connection to Earth and Womb, that is my vision.

Read about Samantha’s initiation into the “Wild Edges” that lead to the clarity of this vision in an upcoming blog post.

To live from, with and for the land, to simultaneously descend our roots and ascend our branches, to heal in the context of connection to Earth and Womb, thats my vision.
— Samantha Klim

More about Samantha

Photo by Alex Van Der Stuyf

Photo by Alex Van Der Stuyf

  • Samantha is from a small town in Michigan where she grew up with supportive parents, plenty of pets and three older sisters, who she credits for shaping her into the strong and passionate Woman she is today.

  • As a PNW resident, in her free time, Samantha enjoys tending her veggie and herb garden, doing yoga, swimming, exploring the abundance of landscapes, beach camping, sweating in Inipi ceremonies, cooking whole food based meals, making herbal medicines and dedicating avid time to her prayer and meditation practice. 

  • She loves flowers, animals, sleeping, writing poetry, drinking coffee, listening to every genre of music imaginable- but especially fancies The Grateful Dead and Paul Simon.

  • Her biggest calling in life is to become a Mother, but for now, loves more than anything being an Auntie to her many nieces and nephews (either by blood or by doula rites.)

  • Samanthas Education and trainings includes:

    • Birth Doula Training through the Simkin Center

    • Placenta encapsulation training, Rebozo tradition and uses, and Bereavement and Grief support through Big Belly Services

    • Holistic Childbirth and Conflict Mediation with Midwife, Whapio of the Matron foundation.

    • 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh Yog Peeth in Rishikesh, India

    • Bachelors Degree in Human Biology from Michigan State University.

    • Currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program of Naturopathic Medicine and Certificate program of Permaculture and Holistic Landscape Design at Bastyr University.