Read what Samantha’s clients have to say about working with her as their Doula :


I'm beyond grateful that I not only decided to have a doula for the birth of my son but specifically that I chose Samantha. We met 3 times during my pregnancy to get to know each other and prepare for the big day. Each visit was personal and never felt rushed. Samantha genuinely cared about learning about my husband and I and what we envisioned our birth experience to be. It felt as if a life long friend was visiting us each time we met. It is hard for me to imagine what my actual labor and delivery would have been like if Samantha had not been there. From the moment she arrived at my house during my contractions I felt a wave of peace wash over me. I knew that both my husband and I were in safe/loving hands with her alongside us. She allowed my husband to take breaks to sleep/eat/rest, all the while taking excellent care to ensure I was hydrated, fed, empowered. I always felt safe and cared for every step of my labor. Samantha also took photos of my labor that we will always cherish and took my placenta home to cook, prepare and encapsulate for me postpartum. This is a special special lady right here that any woman/family having a baby would be beyond lucky to have by your side. These words barely scratch the surface of how wonderful our experience was with Samantha, she's forever a part of our family now!

-Mary Atkins, Doula Client

In short - Samantha is an amazing doula!! From the very beginning at our pre-natal visits, Sam provided compassionate and individualized support for my partner and I by helping us to uncover what our dreams and wishes were for the birth of our daughter. Both he and I agree she played a crucial part in the success and ease of the birth. Sam was there by my side through each contraction, holding my hand, rubbing my back, providing sips of water - intuivetively attending to my needs. Her words of encourgament through the most difficult part of labor gave me the strength I needed to keep going. I couldn't have done it without her!!  If you are even slighly considering hiring a doula, DON'T HESITATE! You will not regret hiring Samantha. We consider her part of our family :) 

-Natalie Johnson, Doula Client

“Samantha is one of the most incredible and powerful people I have ever met. Her presence is a gift. I met her recently at a very difficult time when I decided to terminate a pregnancy. She took the time to talk to me the night before the procedure and was a guiding hand and an open, listening ear before, during, and continues to be after as well. One of the things I will never forget is the way she looked at me with her such nonjudgmental compassion before I climbed the stairs to the office for my procedure, which gave me the courage and comfort to do what I knew was the best decision for myself in that moment. Samantha helped me process what it is that I truly wanted, and I never felt pushed into any decision. She was simply, undoubtedly and beautifully present with me throughout the whole day. She skillfully navigated challenging social circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, and I never once felt a twinge of resentment from her or a feeling that I was asking for too much. She had a ton of knowledge of healing plants and various healing modalities. She helped me with a ritual post-procedure which really facilitated my grief and processing. I know my experience would have been so much more difficult and challenging if she had not been there to support me, and so can‘t explain how grateful I am for her presence and for the healing energy she infused into that day. She is a true healer and ally, and someone you want with you during challenging moments as someone you can look over to and breathe with. I can’t wait to hire her for any of my own births that may come to pass in the future, and as a registered nurse and very-soon-to-be-physician, I could not recommend her more highly to others as a doula for many aspects of this life experience. She’s the one--your search is done!”

-Brooke, Pregnancy-Loss Client


If you are looking for a doula (which I one million percent recommend) SAM IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! She was invaluable through my labor and the birth of our son, I absolutely could not have imagined that day without her. She has a gift for this work and an intuition to know exactly what is needed in the moment (whether that was gentle or more intense encouragement, back rubs, squeezing my hips during contractions, making sure I was hydrated and nourished, communicating with the midwives, keeping my husband calm and busy, making me feel safe and supported, and so much more!). She is gentle and kind-hearted, knowledgable, creative, instructive, and really takes the time to get to know you and your partner personally before the actual day of birth. And the care doesn't stop there! She was attentive to us after the birth and will forever be a very special person in our lives. We will absolutely have Sam present for the birth of our next child!!!


Your presence was really grounding & powerful, and offered me immense comfort as I moved through. I think you were the perfect person to help guide me through this new and challenging experience with grace and bravery and in a way that felt very genuine to me. Your craniosacral and ritual/ceremony supplies were instrumental in catalyzing my healing process, and the rose quartz brought me such great comfort. I will hold that close as I heal and even beyond, remembering this important moment in my life with great reverence. I really can’t thank you enough for the energy and gift you gave me.

-Pregnancy Loss Client


I knew right away that Sam would be a match as we shared so much in common -- even the same home state! I always looked forward to our prenatal visits and she gave us a lot of insightful questions to help us prepare for the journey ahead. During labor, Sam was an invaluable companion and advocate for me. I know my husband really appreciated being able to rest too! Sam knew exactly what to say to help calm my nerves or inspire me along when I needed it. I don't think I would have made it through labor without her hands giving me hip squeezes! (ok, I'm sure I would have but gosh, it made such a difference) I felt comfortable with her touch and presence. I felt very happy to have Sam as part of my birth experience. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula.



"Sam was our doula with our first child and WOW I don't know what we would have done without her. We had planned for a natural birth when it took an unexpected turn and she was truly the glue that held me and my husband together. Thankful everyday for the knowledge and support she provided during my pregnancy, through our birth experience, in the postpartum period, and beyond!"    




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