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The sound of rain finds me again  Holier than I remember. I take my time getting out of bed as the riddles of my humanness kept me tossing and turning last night  But this dawn the rains call to me As someone new  Who prays to the sacred music it crafts. As each drop of life kisses my metal roof  And deep in my bones I feel the garden  Sing with praise  As the roots expand to swallow the rain.  Mostly the rain finds you  Curling around the awareness  Of the contentment you finally swim in  And for a moment- As you listen to it’s symphony, and admire the glistening globes that hang on the pines of the hemlock sleeping by your window- You wonder where your sorrow lives now If not in your own heart And then  Just like the dryness of a Dahlias delicate mouth The rain washes that wonder away. 


The morning moves a bit slower 

When the smoke finds us here 

The hazy blanket 

Making the sun strangely more 


An orange globe

Shimmering through 

The earthy sign of destruction. 

The birds even calm themselves 

Saving their breath for a clearer day. 

To me

The heaviness 

Feels peaceful

Mystical almost. 

The green hues of the cedar shift 

And the way their branches droop in the pull of gravity seems exaggerated. 

The morning seems to have paused 

For the sun is dimmed

Floating without motion 

And most life stays unstirred 

And it’s just me and the smoke 

Which seems to carry a message 

A spirit of sort 

Too dark and profound to give voice to

But penetrating 

Oddly comforting. 

Perhaps like a mirror 

The lingering smoke 

After a raging fire. 

Sure it’s destruction 

But I prefer transformation. 

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self love 2

Do you think that people leave you

or die

to teach you to take all that love for them that oozes

as your grief,

and give it back to yourself?

The initiation

When the darkness starts to fade
Dissolves like the mist from the sea
It too leaves a void,
And perhaps you even miss its company. Understanding how sorrow has become
Your beloved.
You gain hours back you once spent weeping. Slowly,
You start to peel the plaster from the mirror
To see a smiling face you barely recognize.
And there is almost a sense of guilt,
Or unworthiness
To leave behind the greatest teacher you’ve ever known. But just as you’re tempted to slip back
Under the covers of crippling dark,
You remember
You have been studious, attentive in this lesson. You have already learned.
Let it dissolve.
Let the sea carry away the lingering mist of your despair. For the sun sits on the horizon
Awaiting your Initiation.