What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic form of medicine that operates on 7 profound principles (3 of which I have highlighted below), the use of a therapeutic order, and a deep understanding of the healing capacity and wisdom of the human body. Naturopaths are experts in Natural and Holistic medicine and study many effective and powerful modalities that promote health and healing.

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Treat the cause

What is the root of disease? The core wound that manifests itself in lack of health and vitality? What stands in the way of us finding sustainable, ecstatic wholeness?

Naturopathic Medicine seeks to treat the root cause of dis-ease, rather than masking and suppressing symptoms, which are actually the way our bodies and souls communicate with us. When we suppress our symptoms, we push away the wisdom and divinity of our deepest self.

By treating the cause, we find true healing, and lasting vitality.


Vis medicatrix naturae

Literally translates to “The healing power of nature”

To me, this means that the force that animates us, and all life forms, ultimately wants and knows how to heal and be whole. The same intelligence that grows a hemlock tree, is the same intelligence that heals our broken bones. To me it is the vital force creation, it is God, Spirit, Qi and Prana.

It also speaks to the healing we as individuals find when we seek refuge in nature. This principle of Naturopathic medicine births all the modalities that stimulate the Vis and encourage connection with Nature.

To me, this principle, is the basis of my vision, and the very core of Naturopathic Medicine. If we trust the Vis, we trust healing, and that is the most potent medicine of all.



Treat the whole person (Body, Mind, Spirit)

The body cannot be seen as separate from the Mind, Soul and Spirit. The deepest healing happens through embodied soul connection, which is not a simple task, but an arduous journey of self discovery and the courage to integrate what you find.

Naturopathic Medicine recognizes the integration of all these aspects of being and addresses dis-ease in the context of the Whole. (Whole individual, whole community, whole Planet)