Finding Power and Deeper Self Understanding Through your Moon Cycles

As Womben, we ebb and flow, complete cycles of transformation, death and rebirth, every single month. We shed, and build, accumulate and purge, over and over again. It can become exhausting and confusing if you continually have no idea what is going on or resist the movement our Wombs undoubtedly propel. 


By taking responsibility to understand our cycles and the way they move us through life, we can achieve deeper self understanding, find our bodies true feminine power and create harmony in the waning and waxing.


The menstrual cycle can be compared to the four seasons,  the four elements, the four directions, or most commonly, as the Triple Goddess.  Much like learning how to live with the Wheel of the Earth, we too have to learn to live with the wheel of the Moon. 



The Cycle:


The waxing Maiden- fertile and vibrant- The Follicular phase of menstruation. Our eggs prepare to be released, our wombs lay down the fertile soil for sprouting. (East, the rising sun, spring time, the element of Air)


The Whole Moon Mother- Maternal-The Ovulation. The egg is released, Maternal instincts arrive. Energy starts to spiral back internally. The walk along the Labyrinth of Womenhood turns towards center. (South, Summer, the element of Fire. The elemental spark of creation lives within your Ovaries)


The waning Crone-Wise, Internal, Dark. The Luteal phase, moving towards menstruation. When no egg implants- in a sense- death arrives. The body prepares for all to be shed. The internal, dark, incubator of transformation. (Fall, West, the element of Water. Water rules emotions, tears may carry your pains away)


Menstruation: The new moon arrives. The crones death is complete. Rest and release, grieve the loss, rejoice in a new cycle soon beginning. You are in the silent and mysterious space between. (North, Winter, and the element of Earth. Your energy is grounding, gravity pulls you and your blood into the Earth. Every menstruation is a chance to root deeper and deeper.) 


Learning to live in alignment with my cycles has been transformative on every level. I know what my strengths are in each phase. I am learning what foods best serve my body. I am learning when to be productive and when to rest. Rather than allowing the constant change of my body to confuse me and challenge me, I use it to my advantage, moving my life around my cycle, planning my days by the phase of the moon.


I suggest taking time everyday to check in with your physical, emotional and spiritual body. Journal, keep track of the little things, come into a deeper awareness of yourself and your cycle. After you find this awareness you can start to more consciously use these pushes and pulls to your advantage in your everyday life. Your body does not mirror nature, your body IS nature. Use the visual of the seasons to understand your processes. Pray to the Guardians of the four directions as you transit round and round. Remember that by learning the cycles of your body you come to know the cycles of your mind and spirit. Start to create practical tools and rituals to dive deeper into your embodied wisdom.  You don’t need instruction on how to do this, trust that you already know.


You might think this isn't practical or doable in todays world. This isn't some woo-woo far out concept. This is pragmatic, biological, simply yet potent. It needs to become a priority. Feminism, in my opinion, isn't about equality in the work place and equal opportunities. Its not about being more masculine to push our way towards equality. Its about autonomy, support and empowerment to live in alignment with our true feminine power that is our never ending Spiral Dance.