Lunar Seed Cycling

My seed collection from right to left: Sunflower seeds, Almonds, Chia seeds, Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds

My seed collection from right to left: Sunflower seeds, Almonds, Chia seeds, Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds

Are you looking for a simple way to synchronize your eating habits and hormones with the cycles of the Moon? As Women, just like the waters of the ocean, we have a profound tie to the magnetic forces of the Lunar cycles. Our tides, the blood within our wombs, ebb and flow with the waxing and waning moons. Long ago, before electricity and light pollution, female hormones were synchronized with the moon cycles based off circadian rhythms and moonlight patterns influencing certain parts of our brains. Women typically bled in unison under a new moon, or a full moon, based on what stage they were in life.

Today, in modern civilization, we have become distant from both external and internal nature and cycles. This has left many of us with irregular menstrual cycles, many of which are not synchronized to the Lunar cadence. Having a regular menstrual cycle, or Moon time, synchronized to the lunar cycle, is a powerful experience that allows us as Women to tap deeper into the intuitive wisdom of rhythm and connectivity.

Seed cycling, or phasic eating can help regulate your hormones and Moon time, and also help pull you into alignment with the Lunar cycles. This will decrease PMS related symptoms and help shift your Moon time from an inconvenience to a sacred portal into your powerful feminine nature.

So what is seed cycling? Seed cycling is alternating between Omega-3 rich seeds and Omega-6 rich seeds based off the luteal and follicular phases in your menstrual cycle. The focus is on seeds because seeds represent the earths fertile and creative aspect. Seeds are symbolic of Female fertility, making them potent medicines for restoring balance to the reproductive Womb space.

The follicular phase of your menstrual cycle corresponds to the waxing moon and is supported by eating Omega-3 rich seeds, such as Flax, Chia and pumpkin seeds. The follicular phase begins the first day of your period (Day 1 of your cycle) and lasts until the day of your ovulation, which varies in all women depending on the length and regularity of your cycle. Omega 3s are important in helping build your egg up for a fertile round of ovulation and also breaking down access hormones from your previous cycle, which may cause mood swings and skin issues while you bleed.

Ovulation corresponds to the Full moon energy and is the transitional point between phases. By changing food habits and seed intake, you support the innate shifts in your body. Having predictable and regular external shifts supports your body's internal shifts that may have strayed from regularity. This is how the sharp change in seed content supports a regular menstrual cycle, by coaching it back into natural rhythm with symbolic seeds that contain nutrients that are vital to each aspect of the cycle. This same idea applies to biphasic use of herbal medicine to support vital wombs, fertility and healthy moon times-a topic that will be covered in a later Newsletter!

The luteal phase of your menstrual cycle corresponds to the waning moon and is supported by eating Omega-6 rich seeds such as Sesame and sunflower seeds.  The luteal phase begins on the day of your ovulation and lasts until your Moon blood begins to flow. These omega-6 rich seeds support balanced hormone production need for implantation or for regular sloughing of endometrial lining if pregnancy is not the outcome of ovulation.

 If you do not know when you ovulate, typically, regardless of the length of your cycle, you ovulate 14 days prior to onset of moon blood. If your cycle is extremely irregular, you can arbitrarily start lunar seed cycling based on the moon cycles (28 days, beginning on the new moon, transitioning on the Full moon) to encourage your body to match this external rhythm and create regularity.  If your cycle is relatively normalbut not synchronized with the moon, begin your seed cycling corresponding to your current cycle and with time your body may gradually move to synch up with the cadence of the moon.

Below are brief directions for seed cycling with amounts to eat of each seed. Remember that this is as much of an energetic medicine as it is a nutritional medicine. Shifting with nature, habits and mindset is a vital part for a connected and synchronized cycle. Also remember that if your cycle is irregular, you are not alone and you are not any less powerful and potent as a Women of the Moon!


Follicular Phase / Waxing moon: Begin on the first day of your period, of on the new moon.

Eat 1-2 tablespoons each of flax, chia or hemp seeds.

Luteal phase / Waning moon: Begin at ovulation, 14 days before anticipated onset of next period, or on the full moon.

Eat 1-2 tablespoons each of Sesame and sunflower seeds.

Sending blessed Seed, Lunar and Blood cycling to you and your Womb.