Eclipse Magic

Solar eclipse .jpg

I sat beneath the bright blue sky, grounded in the earth beneath me. My alter was set up in the middle of a popular Seattle park. I had water, feathers and stones to be blessed and infused. I had my oracle cards and written intentions for what I wanted to use this Potent and transformative eclipse energy to both release and create.

I was observing, listening to the way the earth responded to the beginning of this cosmic shift. The trees, gently swaying, the grass, muddled with dew and the buzzing of eager bees. And just as I was observing the earth, She too, was observing me and all the other beings who are not separate from Her, but seemingly disconnected, detached, unware of the web in which they mistakenly feel trapped.

I listened as She, Goddess, Gaia, Earth, as you will, watched with hopefulness, maybe almost desperation, observing the shift in consciousness that would hopefully follow the giant shift in the sky, the boundaries to this cosmic womb we incubate within.

Magic is nothing but opening ones awareness to the consciousness around, and just as I was attempting, practicing magic, I remembered it is She who is the magic, who is always in embodiment of the perfection and purpose of magic. She is desperate for the disconnect to be mended, for the wound of detachment to be salved. She is waiting, as if working together with the Sun and the Moon, knowing of their importance in healing a deep, putrefying wound.  

So I sat there, supported between the Earth and the Skies, observing the intricate dance between the two, feeling a channel through my core that connects the ever turning wave, Torus of consciousness, connectivity, creation.

I had no special glasses to observe this eclipse from, so with the exception of a few moments of unwisely looking at the sun through my sunglasses, I kept my eyes closed, or focused on the abundant green surrounding me.

As I sat in meditation before the eclipse even began, the sun felt warmer, brighter, as if angsty with anticipation that it's light were to soon by snuffed out, or perhaps nervous and passionate, as if moments away from meeting a long awaited lover.

And then the darkness began. So subtly it could easily go unnoticed. But the temperature dropped and the hair on my almost naked skin began to rise. Everything became more muddled, lines and boundaries were beginning to blur. Physical form, subtle form, a brief opportunity to tap deeper into the truth of a universe free of boundaries.

I focused my attention and my energies on my connection to the earth. Breathing out-releasing burdens I no longer need to carry into Earths fertile soils, breathing in-embodying the transformation I seek to manifest.

And as the darkness grew, and the warmness of light dissipated in the wind, I realized none of this was about me, as a singular. This is not about me releasing inherited burdens and manifesting playfulness. This is so much bigger than just me. This is an healing intervention for the collective of Earth. This is the worlds largest metaphor.

The darkness, this void, has always been around, lurking in the corners, hidden to privileged eyes like my own.  And then, fierce and relentless, she grows more powerful, more encompassing. The light is dimmed. The darkness permeates. The cold chills more than just skin. People suffer. People are suffering.

But light does not return by fighting this darkness with more darkness. Light returns by nature, by cyclical patterns of creation, of connection, of magic.

Abundant light returned today because there is light within each of us that cannot be snuffed out. We are being called to answer the whispers of out hearts, of our wombs, of our ancestors and descendants.  Today we are called to see the darkness, to acknowledge it and to heal it with the potent salve of connection, community and ultimately love.

And although the dark will always remain, and in fact is essential for wholeness, there is a necessity for balance between the two to be restored. That is the destiny of these times, that is the ultimate power of your calling, whatever that is, by following it, we are restoring balance together, and initiating an era of peace.

We are called to move forward with this energy of transformation by heeding the call, by following our voices and by facing the darkness, both within and around us. Embodying the wholeness that requires both light and dark, masculine and feminine.

The potential of this Life is left untapped because we are living rooted down by fear. The time has come to cut ourselves free from these burdens, to do what is right, and to move everyday towards love, towards listening, towards connecting, towards light.

It is now, I believe with my whole heart and womb, that the Serpent of Light, the Goddess herself, truly awakens within each of us.  Forcing the shedding of layered on fear and mistrust, spawning forces that shift paradigms, reinforce love, reconnect us, Beings of Gaia, to the Divinity of that which we came from.

Praying for continued transformation, and for the Sacred return of Light.

And so it is.