3 Practical Rituals for Connecting to Your Feminine Power

Image from Google. 

Image from Google. 

We live in a world where we are constantly busy yet are always in desperate need of slowing down and honoring and connecting with our Truest selves. In this short post I am offering you illumination of 3 simple and practical practices and rituals to create the space for you to Honor your Feminine beauty and tap deeper into your Power and Wisdom. These are potent practices that can easily fit into 5 minutes of quiet time every morning-if that’s all you have to give to yourself. (But I urge you to give yourself permission to TAKE more time.)

  • The first ritual is Anointing Yourself as the Sacred Goddess You Are with scented oils every morning. 

You can use any oil/scent you are called to (but, Sisters- PLEASE be careful with Essential Oils- many are NOT safe to apply directly to the skin. Dilute 10 dropsof EO in 1 once of carrier oil like avocado or coconut oil.)

I use Vetiver oil, which is an EO derived from a bunchgrass native to India and has a very earthy and grounding scent and energy. It is also an aphrodisiac, connecting you to your Feminine center of Passion and Pleasure.

Allow yourself to feel unique and powerful as your anoint yourself with love and devotion. Perhaps pair this anointing with a simple Mantra:

*I am Powerful

*I am worthy of Pleasure

*Whatever calls to you.

In this space you can feel honored and Sacred and you will be able to carry the powerful energy of your oil with you throughout your day.

  • The second ritual is the Use of Flower Essences. 

Flower essences are energetic medicines carrying the properties of a particular flower or plant. They are very gentle and subtle medicines, yet incorporating them into a daily ritual is a way to potently connect with the energies of the flower essence you choose to use.

I use the flower essence of Alpine Lilly. This essence is known for its power to connect one to her sacred Earthly and Feminine energy. It is used for connection to the Pelvic bowl and Womb space and the grounding energy that resides here. If you feel ungrounded, or not in touch with your Womb Space, Yoni or Pelvic Organs, this may be a good essence to use in this Powerful ritual.

If you do not feel called to this particular essence, I urge you to visit an apothecary or health food store and choose one based on where your Intuition guides you. Many times we cannot "logic" our way into knowing what we truly need.

Take these flower essences during your morning ritual after anointing yourself, committing yourself to the energy your Flower essence embodies. Pay close attention to any subtle changes it may bring through the days, weeks and months to come.

  • The last ritual is Cultivating a Yoni Egg Practice.

The Yoni egg is just that, a crystal egg for your Yoni. This practice has both physical and energetic benefits, both are notably profound. On a physical level, you are strengthening the muscles of your pelvic floor, increasing blood flow to this area, and increasing awareness of the many layers of tissue and muscle that create this Sacred canal. This is going to lead to better orgasms, improved lubrication, faster and more frequent arousal, improved blood flow decreasing risks for yeast or bacterial infections, and many other amazing benefits.

On an energetic level, the Yoni Egg is bathing your Yoni in the healing energy of whatever crystal you have chosen to use. You are showing yourself love and compassion by taking the time to connect with your Sacred Yoni and through this, you are deepening your connection to the profound Wisdom of your Sexuality and Femininity.

You can buy a Yoni egg through the company Love Stone, which will also include an in-depth guide on Yoni Egg practices.

It can really be as simple as having a ritual to put it inside of you every night, and letting the magic happen while you sleep. I prefer more active practices and love wearing my Yoni egg to Yoga. It is exactly what you are called to make it, and no matter how simple that may be, I believe it will be profound one way or another.

I urge you Sisters, to take time every single day to honor yourself, to recognize that you are worthy of your own time, love and divine blessings. If possible, keep these Ritual items in a special place- perhaps on an alter, or near your favorite crystals, flowers, or other momentums- allowing them to be constantly infused with good intentions. 

It is my deep hope that these rituals help you to pave a path to the Sanctuary that is your Sacred, beautiful and knowing body.

Blessed be Sisters! 

My Ritual Items: Opal Yoni Egg, Flower Essence, Vetiver oil diluted in Avocado carrier oil, Black obsidian Yoni egg hiding behind! 

My Ritual Items: Opal Yoni Egg, Flower Essence, Vetiver oil diluted in Avocado carrier oil, Black obsidian Yoni egg hiding behind!