Art and Meditation for Bearing and Birthing New Life: What I offer and Why?

Image by Alex Grey 

As a trained Birth Doula and passionate Sacred Birth Keeper, I strongly desire that every Woman experiences an empowering and transformative pregnancy, labor and delivery. I believe that enhancing the entire experience of bearing and birthing new life requires sacred time to connect both to oneself and to the life of which one is nourishing. I also believe it requires time to process emotions like fear and excitement one holds onto regarding the birthing process.

This is why I am using The Green Goddess as a platform to offer Sacred Prenatal services to Pregnant Families. These prenatal services include sharing space around art and laborinth creation, guided meditations and visualizations.

Using art is a powerful and intuitive way to express emotions and to create space to allow fears and concerns to surface, allowing them to be processed in a beneficial and empowering way. Creativity is the force by which new life is created and should thus naturally be used as a way to prepare both parents for the profound shift this creation sets in motion. The creative force is also a beautiful physical manifestation of the feminine energy and allows both expecting parents to tap deeper into the thread of Women Wisdom that is flourishing within the pregnant womb.  

I have read the work of Author, Counselor and Midwife Pam England who is very experienced in using Art Therapy with her clients and who has thoroughly researched its effectiveness in improving positive birth outcomes. She has served as a huge inspiration for me and I want to bring her framework to my clients in an accessible manner.

Using her work and research as a backbone and incorporating my own unique meditations and visualizations, I have created a simplified and effective series of Creation events that will not only serve as a means to process emotion around birth, but can also be used to create Womb honoring ritual, connection with the life within the womb, and even projects that can be used as pain coping mechanisms during labor and delivery. I am honored to hold space for this creative force, and feel strongly that the real work and wisdom comes from deep within the Womb of the expecting parent, who is connected to a thread of knowledge that connects all who have been birthed into existence.

I am deeply honored to sit in this creative force with my clients. Please reach out if you are interested in celebrating your wisdom and creativity with me through these services or if you would like to know more.

Thank you for reading, I bow deeply to you and your Wisdom!