Reclaiming the Moon Time || The Power of Menstruation

A Womban’s moon time, or menstraution, is a beautiful and powerful process of purification, grounding and connection to our intuitive Feminine wisdom. Unfortunately we are living in a time and culture that shames and stigmatizes this process into something dirty, inconvenient and all together unpleasant. I mean lets be real, how many people are on birth control JUST to avoid the monthly period? How about the embarrassment of unexpectedly bleeding through…anything!? Maybe you suffer from painful cramps, tender breasts, intense mood swings, or anything else that comes along with that time of month making you wish you could just skip over that week entirely. How many times have men refused to have sex with you while you bleed?  How many products are on the market to soak up our blood, mask our scent and chemically alter our precious Yonis?

It is no secret that the days of Womben gathering under a new moon, all synced up, bleeding together into the earth, is long gone. The modern hustle and bustle of this culture simply does not allow proper time or space to celebrate this monthly cycle. So as Womben, it is time we take this back into our own hands. We will never be given time or space to reclaim our Moon times so we must take it. Not only is our Moon time shamed, but our feminine energy is attacked and oppressed by the hyper masculine society, obsessed with speed, production, accumulation, domination and instant gratification. The roots of receptiveness, reflection, nurturance, simplicity and partnership have been ripped out and it is up to us to replant and nourish them.

That’s what my life’s journey is all about. Encouraging the planting, rerooting and blossoming of this Divine Feminine energy that pines and seeds within each of us, female and male alike. Being a WOMBan offers us a unique sensitivity to this energy, a sensitivity that is amplified during our moon time, a time of grounding and connecting to Mother Earth, represented by the downward flow of blood and energy. So I believe it is important to build a positive and compassionate relationship with our Moon times, to slowly learn to see it as a gift, which in fact it is, rather than a burden, and to do so we need to dedicate ourselves to our own healing journey from the inside out.

Moon Womban. Image from Google

Moon Womban. Image from Google

To me, our Moon time, is the gift of a “reset” button from Mother Earth, or in Native American Culture it is a gift from Grandmother Moon. It is not argued that as Womben we carry most of our tension in our hips, 5 minutes in Pigeon pose will remind you of that. And what sits gracefully on the pelvic floor connecting our two hip bones? The Uterus-another place where we generally hold tension. Especially emotional tension-either that we collect from everyday stressors, and also inherited trauma from our Mothers, and grandmothers and from many Ancestors before that. It is said in Native American history that the Womben of families, the life givers, carried both the love and beauty of life, but also the pains and sorrows. When this burden became too much to carry alone, the Womben begged Grandmother Moon for strength and power, and Grandmother moon gifted them the Moon cycle as a means to purify the burdens that accumulate within the life-giving Womb. The Uterus is the first home each of us knows and more times than not, it is toxic and loaded with emotional baggage and trauma that has accumulated from the inherent sexism and period shame that has existed in this culture for centuries, even though the period is an important means of keeping the life giving energy of Womben pure. So how can we begin to heal this and return to connecting with the Moon time as a sacred gift? Of course, this issue is deep and requires a cultural paradigm shift, but none of that can happen until we take personal control and responsibility for our own healing.

Rather than dreading my Moon time, even though it comes along with excruciating cramps and pain, I look forward to it every month as another opportunity to shed the emotional baggage that has accumulated in my Womb. It is the purging of negative energy we store deep within us. It is our reset button so that every month we have a chance to start fresh, preparing again emotionally and physiologically for what the next cycle may bring. In Native American culture, Womben on their Moon time are not allowed in the Inipi, the Sweat Lodge, or House of the Soul, used as a means of cleansing and purification, because they are already undergoing such profound purification on their own. It is this reason, I believe, that one of the most prominent side effects of hormonal birth control that blocks monthly cycling is depression. Not only is that disrupting hormones but it is blocking our energetic purification pathway, allowing negativity and trauma to accumulate in the womb. I also believe this is why woman have less tendency towards aggression and serious suppression of emotion compared to Men, who have no physiological outlet for their accumulated trauma and tension.

So what does reclaiming the Moon time look like? It must start on a very basic level of making the period less physically difficult, which is a complication lifetime endeavor for many Womben. This will take work from a superficial level involving changing the diet, cleansing the body of environmental toxins, and finding movement therapy that works for you and your body. This also requires us to take the time to listen to our bodies, to tend to its need and desire for extra rest and extra nutrients. On a deeper level, this means building a relationship with your Wombanhood, connecting to your intuition, expressing your sensuality, consciously changing your relationship with your Moon time, and allowing the Divine Feminine to rise through the murky water of patriarchy and sexism.  Until each individual Womban changes her relationship with her Moon Cycle, the cultural norm of the stigmatized period will persist and serve as another means to keep the Divine Feminine buried and quiet.

For the sake of your own physical and emotional health, for the next generation of Women, and for the health of Mother Earth, rising and awareness of the Feminine energy to bring balance to the dominator culture of Patriarchy and Masculinity is desperately needed. May connecting to our Moon Cycle and reclaiming the sacred Moon time be a step in the right direction for us all.

Keep in touch for future posts regarding Moon Time rituals, nutrition and other ways to improve Womb Wellness for an easier moon time, and more practices to build the connection with the Divine Feminine and Sacredness of the Moon cycle. Feel free to send me a message requesting which topic below you would like to know more about first! Sending love and blessings to all Sister Goddesses! I am so grateful for you.

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